Can music really play a part in reducing knife crime, drug addiction and all the rest of society’s ills, asks Doc Jones? Yes, it can, and politicians are finally waking up to the fact.More than a two decade ago, Doc Jones was in downtown Phoenix when he saw a group of swaggering gang members with Red bandana give money to a little boy playing Brahms on his violin. “Those gang members were teaching me that they would rather be doing what the child was doing than what they were doing, but they never had the chance,” Doc told a reporter from Channel 12. So in 2001, Doc Jones and one of his mentors Don Fenstermaker CEO of established NextStudent Academy of The Arts Project, a non-profit providing low-income Phoenix youths with instruments and at least five hours of instruction per week. The program “With Music On Their Mind There’s No Time For Crime” now have help more than 2,000 students with stunning results.

Our Early Childhood Music Program consists of an age-appropriate, multi–year educational Wee Jazz program for children ages 1 1/2 to 3 years, an Early Violin Program for ages 4-7 years, and an Early Piano  Program for ages 6-7 years. Our goals are to help young children develop a love of music and learn how to express it. Close interaction between teacher and student nurtures creativity and individuality while fostering self-expression, self-confidence, and imagination. Activities include singing, music and movement, violin, and piano.