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NextStudent Academy of the arts™ is a grassroots movement organized as a public charity 501 (c) (3) designed to raise awareness and privately fund music and arts education to transform our public schools into a new exciting learning model that is taking the education world by storm and producing 97% graduation!
NSAA believes that getting an education is the best investment you can make. This is why it is committed to helping youth achieve higher education goals. Students and their family members are encouraged to work together with the Academy in stimulating students’ creativity in every area of academia. Music education is directly connected to math, reading organization, and the execution of acquired knowledge. It also enhances students’ study skills.
Dr. William Doc Jones, Executive Director

Our Mission

NSA’s mission is to ensure that every child in Arizona is able to attend great public schools that value music and art in a way that improves student achievement in academics, career, and life—especially in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math related fields (STEAM™). The NextStudent Academy of the arts focuses its efforts on:

  1. Building public awareness of the severe education crisis through Speaking engagements, Media, Entertainment, Festivals and Events
  2. Helping communities to create a vision about what is possible in public education by enabling communities to see and engage with great reputable school models
  3. Providing technical assistance and resources to help communities create the right conditions in their community to support and sustain great schools

Watch out

The NextStudent Academy of Arts is designed to develop the musicianship, multimedia skills, and capabilities of children and adults in Arizona to be the best citizens they can be. The academy has established its headquarters “The NextStudent Academy of the Arts Multimedia and Empowerment Center” at 2201 N 23rd Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85009.

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Scottsdale Mayor Jim Lane Endorses Jazz Day
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Mesa Mayor John Giles endorses AZ International Jazz Day
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Our Environment

The faculty, staff, and facilities of NextStudent Academy will provide a safe environment for its participants to draw on the comprehensive program available to its attendees wishing to learn and/or advance their musical training and performance through quality music instruction.

Beginner to Advanced students will benefit from the knowledge and experience of our professional faculty. The faculty is under the direction of Dr.Jones and includes other well-known professional Jazz clinicians, musicians, and educators. The focus of the sessions will be to encourage its participants’ academic study skills, as well as, their personal growth through music education.

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We need modern schools in every neighborhood that eliminate the dropout and crime rate and prepare students for the best careers and life.( With Music on Their Minds There’s No Time For Crime) This large transformation will not take place from a top-down Federal or State mandate. It will happen when a community, neighborhood, or citizen’s group drives the effort by organizing and creating demand for high performing schools. We believe change happens best when it is bottom-up or top-down initiated, bottom-up driven, and top-down supported. Become a part of this movement and join the cause Now! Become A Supporting Member of Nextstudent Academy for the arts.