The After-School Music Program provides individual and small group instrumental lessons for children ages 7-13. A unique feature of this program is that our teachers are adult volunteers and high school music students from Phoenix and surrounding communities who serve to bring the joy of musical education to youngsters. Our reliance on these talented volunteer musicians makes it possible to offer instruction at affordable prices. The curriculum offers instruction in 12 musical instruments, art, and dance. Activities include weekly lessons, with ongoing individual evaluation and group recitals over the course of the school year.

Registration Fee: $35

Materials Fee: Ranges from $15- $30, depending on the number of children per family

FEE: $25 per lesson Instrument Rental Fees: Varies by instrument

Instruction is offered on various weekdays for the following instruments,
Piano Trumpet
Guitar Flute Drums
Violin Saxophone Bass Guitar


Weekdays: 4:00 pm to 5:30 pm, Tuesday through Friday / Saturdays:
Session I, 9:30-11:00A Session II, 10:30AM-12:00PM

Tuesday – Piano, Saxophone, Guitar

Wednesday – Piano, Clarinet, Flute

Thursday – Piano, Bass,Trombone, Trumpet

Friday – Piano, Drums, Dance

Saturday – 2 sessions each of Piano, Jazz Band, and Guitar
Bass (Session I only)
Art (Session II only), Dance (Session II only)
Youth Choir (12:00 -1:00PM)
Junior Latin Jazz Band (1:15-2:00PM)