After school programs

Developing a Partnership Solution for Schools Who Have Lost Their Funding for Music Programs or Who Need to Start One.

NextStudent Academy, a nonprofit organization, is working on developing partnerships to provide free music lessons to elementary and middle school youths in public and Charter Schools. It is also our aim to recruit full-time classroom teachers and music teachers who are willing to volunteer their time to provide music classes in classrooms and after-school programs. Music mentors, as we like to call them, are recruited through the Nextstudent Academy website and through sending our representatives out into the school districts to distribute fliers to district music teachers to let them know about this opportunity to join our organization and the monetary rewards for their services.

In order to assume the role as a music mentor, teachers must be employed by the district in which they will be teaching the NextStudent Academy classes, and must be able to play the instrument that they will be teaching with some proficiency. Our music mentors should already have classroom management and music skills in order to qualify. NextStudent will provide a teaching pedagogy, training, support, and curriculum. We appreciate the continued support from the business community, government, and people working in the music business.

These relationships have made it easy in our quest to help us raise resources to provide free instruments for our students. In addition to a two-day intensive training session, music mentors are given teachers’ manuals with lesson plans, CDs with instructional tracks, computer software and support to record students’ work at the end of the year